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08 Things that give me pleasure

By November 19, 2013March 9th, 2018Resources, Toolkit


Things that give me Pleasure


This is an exercise that can be repeated each day as the course progresses, while encouraging participants to become more and more open about sexual pleasure. It is an anonymous and non-threatening way to enable participants to unpack the concept of pleasure and what it means to different people.


To practice thinking and talking about pleasure

Approximate Time

20 Minutes

Materials Needed

Pieces of paper



Ask participants to take a slip of paper and complete the following sentence:

“I get pleasure from ………………”

The slips should be placed in the box, shuffled, redistributed and read out in turn by participants.

This exercise can be repeated the following day, focusing on sexual pleasure.

Tips for trainers

The first time you do this exercise, you can explain to participants that pleasure is derived from many different things in life. The meaning of pleasure is as diverse as there are people in the world. Encourage people to describe their pleasures from non-sexual avenues for the first time.

For subsequent sessions of the exercise, you can discuss sexual pleasure and dispel any disgust or surprise arising from sexual acts or practices written about.

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