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Embracing desire,
empowering pleasure
communities & creating
sex-positive change.


The Pleasure Fellowship is a unique opportunity for those interested and motivated
to advocate for pleasure in their
communities and the sexual
and reproductive
health world!


The Pleasure Fellowship is a unique
experience where pleasure advocates
from all over the world come together
to be trained as pleasure experts

IconHow it works

Pleasure fellows participate in a series of training sessions held online and facilitated by internal speakers - from The Pleasure Project team - and external ones, including speakers from international organizations and activists from different backgrounds and lived experiences. Pleasure fellows are then able to apply to funding within the Pleasure Fellowship to develop an innovative and sustainable project related to pleasure and SRHR. At its core, the Pleasure Fellowship is an opportunity for fellows to come together to build a community of pleasure and connect with each other. Our intention as The Pleasure Project is to strengthen this network and to amplify and continue to support their work in the years to come!

IconOur amazing fellows

From Chile to the Philippines, from Japan to Ecuador, our pleasure fellows come from diverse backgrounds and with varied sets of skills that have helped their work in the SRHR world. We hope that the Pleasure Fellowship will empower them, help them to positively contaminate their work, and be active agents of pleasure-change in their own communities.


From pleasure inclusive sex-education to working towards a world with pleasure empowered people with disabilities, our pleasure fellows are interested in and working on a variety of themes around pleasure.

Issues our pleasure fellows are interested in and working on.
Issues our pleasure fellows are interested in and working on.

Meet the fellows

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Impressed by
all this expertise?

We have a pool of pleasure experts who can help you
take a positive, liberating and sexy approach to safer sex!