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Putting the Sexy

Safer Sex
since 2004

The Pleasure Project is the world’s leading organisation putting the sexy into safer sex since 2004.

The Pleasure Project is an international education and advocacy organization working to eroticize safer sex by building bridges between the public health world and the pleasure and sex industry. We promote sexual health and agency through an emphasis on ‘good sex’ and by focusing on one of the primary reasons people have sex – the pursuit of pleasure. Because sex education is rarely sexy and erotica is rarely safe.

Our Vision

Safe, pleasurable sex is an essential part of sexual health programmes and erotic media

Our Mission

A world where sex is satisfying and safe

What We Do & What We Offer

We take a positive, liberating and sexy approach to sexual health and you can too! We can support you & your organization destigmatizing/honoring pleasure by:

  • Developing evidence base for a sex-positive and pleasure-based approach to sexual health and rights.
  • Providing consultations, tools, and training to help you and your organization become Pleasure Champions.
  • Working with pleasure industry and erotic media to center sexual rights.
  • Creating and shaping pleasure-inclusive curricula for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights organizations and practitioners.
  • Holding spaces for radical pleasure community and organizing.

Who we are

We are an international, diverse, guerrilla girls activist collective of people
working to eroticize safer sex.

01. Education

Training materials and ideas that will spice up your safe sex workshops for every age group, gender and demographic and make you an awesome trainer!

02. Research

Beyond creating training materials, we also research and write pioneering articles for influential publications and to be used by educators.

03. Organizing

We've created a showcase of people and resources who promote pleasure and sexy safe sex in the public health world. Come join along!

04. The Pleasure Principles

The Pleasure Principles: 7 practical yet simple steps to ensure Pleasure Based Sexual Health – read here how we are putting pleasure into action and join us!


Get a taste of the sexy work we do with organizations:

Talking Pleasure with Ease

IPPF ESEAOR and The Pleasure Project have developed a guidance note on ‘Talking Pleasure with Ease’ to provide history of the pleasure-based approach, the evidence that supports it, and how the Pleasure Principles are present in the IPPF Youth Programming theory of change.

Opening a Portal to Pleasure

Working in partnership with The Case for Her and AmplifyChange, eight grassroots AmplifyChange grantees received dedicated funding to integrate pleasure-based approaches into their projects. The outcomes of the trainings by The Pleasure Project are discussed in a peer-reviewed journal article and a best-practice note.

Declaration on Sexual Pleasure

We were part of the taskforce working on the development of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) Declaration on Sexual Pleasure, a statement on sexual pleasure first proclaimed in 2019.

Systematic Review

Jointly published with WHO, proving for the first time that sexual health programs that include sexual desire and sexual pleasure improve knowledge and attitudes around sex and increase condom use, as compared to those that do not.

Did we get you excited about pleasure? Work with us!


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