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How can you implement transformational and liberatory changes to the way you work?

How can you make movement and institution building sustainable? 

You need a community of experts around you.

Meet our Advisory Committee

Ashlee Burnett (she/her)

Ashlee Burnett is a Queer Caribbean feminist activist from Trinidad and Tobago. She holds an MSc in Education Policy and International Development from the University of Bristol. Ashlee serves as the Global Lead on Comprehensive Sexuality Education at the International Planned Parenthood Federation. She is the founder of Feminitt Caribbean, a youth-led NGO working to advance comprehensive sexuality education in Trinidad and Tobago. In 2022, she received the Colin Robinson Hard Award for transformational activism in her country. 

Lucy Wilson (she/her)

Lucy Wilson is an independent consultant with a broad skill set and technical expertise in sexual and reproductive health and rights. Her work involves designing and implementing participatory, outcomes-oriented monitoring, evaluation, and learning approaches for complex initiatives. Lucy also supports strategic planning and implementation, advocacy, and the scaling of evidence-based practices. As a systems thinker, she values a steep learning curve and collaborations with diverse stakeholders. Based in North Carolina (US), she runs her business, Rising Outcomes. 

Mariam Diefallah (she/her) 

Mariam Diefallah is a feminist writer and educator from Egypt. She currently works in advocacy communications and is interested in the intersection between sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and migration studies. Mariam volunteers as a holistic and full-spectrum doula for various pregnancy outcomes and enjoys teaching about pleasure as a form of feminist activism. 

Marie Morice (she/her )  

Marie Morice has over 25 years of experience leading global climate and gender initiatives in top organizations like the UN. She has witnessed how climate change impacts women and girls, particularly in their sexual and reproductive health. This experience inspired her to become a certified clinical sexologist. Marie’s mission is to empower women to lead healthy, fulfilling, and pleasurable sex lives. Through coaching, education, and advocacy, she promotes sex-positivity, sexual empowerment, and pleasure-focused sexual health for women worldwide. 

Patricia Cervantes (she/her) 

Patricia Cervantes is a former sex and wellness entrepreneur turned product strategist. She co-founded Vibio, a startup crafting app-controlled sex toys with social and content features. Leading product development and scaling operations, she extended Vibio’s reach to over 35 countries, earning a nomination for the best new pleasure brand of 2021. Beyond entrepreneurship, Patricia’s involvement in digital health and wellness projects spans the globe, collaborating with private and public clients. Recently, she contributed to NHS initiatives, focusing on service design and user research for Hepatitis C testing and digitizing the C-Card scheme, which provides free condoms to young individuals. 

Vandita Morarka (she/they)

Vandita Morarka is a human rights lawyer, researcher, and organizer. They are the founder and CEO of One Future Collective. 

Steph Niaupari (they/elle) 

Steph Niaupari (they/elle) is the Outreach Manager at Grindr. In this role, they build global partnerships with LGBTQ+ organizations to mobilize and empower users on issues of safety, advocacy, and sexual health. As a trans masculine EcuaYorker, Steph thrives at the intersection of multiple identities. With a decade of experience in gender equity and public policy, they possess a profound understanding of justice work globally. Steph holds an M.A. in International Development from Gallaudet University and is currently learning their sixth language. Residing in Washington, D.C., Steph can often be found cultivating a food garden on their balcony.