03 Expectations

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Expectations and Agenda-Setting


This exercise helps participants and trainers to arrive at the same page with regard to the purpose of the workshop and what participants can hope to gain from it. It also helps to ensure that participants know exactly what they can or cannot learn at this forum.


To clarify participants’ expectations from the training

Approximate Time

40 Minutes

Materials Needed




Write the objectives of the workshop at the top of a large piece of paper each:

1. Explore key elements of sexuality

2. Explore some of our own feelings, values and attitudes

3. Practice communication skills

Divide participants into three groups.

Give one sheet to each group and ask them to have a discussion for 20 minute, which will help each person in the group to clarify the most important things which they wish to learn from this course.

When they have done this, these can be written on the sheet.

Stick the sheets on the wall or place them on the floor where everyone can see them.

It is important that you are clear with participants if there are any items on the sheets which you feel unable to address and why.

Tips for trainers

This exercise could also throw up some new areas for exploration that the course currently does not address. Keep track of these and send a recommendation to The Pleasure Project!

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