01 Name Graffiti



Name Graffiti


This exercise helps the trainers and participants to learn each other’s names and become comfortable with them. It is simple and only requires some flipchart sheets and different coloured pens.


To introduce trainers and participants

Approximate Time

20 minutes

Materials Needed

4 Flipchart sheets stuck together

Coloured pens – several colours


Place the flipchart sheets in the middle of the floor together with the coloured pens.

Explain to participants that you would like them in turn, when they feel ready, to take a pen and write their first name on the paper and say something about it: for example what they like about their name, what they like to be called, etc.

You should begin and model this exercise.

When all the names are on the paper these should be displayed at the training venue (e.g. stuck on the wall) for future reference. It also helps trainers to remember the names of participants.

Tips for trainers

You could explain the concept of graffiti to participants in case they do not know what it means. One meaning is: writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.

Be as creative as you can when you write your name down to begin with, to cue participants to become less formal.

This exercise is useful if participants are nervous about being on a ‘pleasure’ course as it can relax them at the beginning.

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