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17 Action Planning

By 2013-11-19March 9th, 2018Resources, Toolkit


Action Planning


This exercise is meant to facilitate participants to develop an action plan emerging from the course, which they can put in place to improve the effectiveness of their own work and adopt a pleasure approach.


To facilitate the application of the training to participants’ own work

Approximate Time

Around 90 Minutes

Materials Needed

Copies of the relevant sections of the participants’ own curricula

Copies of all the activities used in the training

A list on the wall of all the activities conducted so far


Divide participants into their work teams

Make sure each group has at least one copy of their own curriculum and at least one set of all the activities used in the training

Explain that the purpose of the activities is for them to review their own curricula, looking for opportunities in which they could include or adapt the activities to make their curricula more sex positive and pleasure focused

Allow 60 minutes for this and provide support and suggestions as necessary

Allow 15 minutes for each group to feedback to plenary on the outcomes of their discussions.





  1. What have been the most important things you have learned from this training?

  • * about yourself?
  • * about sex and pleasure?
  • * about your work?


  1. In what ways are this training going to benefit you in the course of your daily work?

  1. Choose one area of your work and consider how you could make a change which would make you more able to be sex-positive with your clients?

  1. What change are you going to make? Is this:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound


  1. Will you need permission or support from anyone in your workplace to do this? (If so state who, and how and when you will obtain this)


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