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Hello Pleasure Propagandists…

The Pleasure Project has landed in Bangkok to to spread desire, romance and pleasure amongst the good people at ICAAP 11 the 11th Asian AIDS conference.

We are buzzed because we will be launching our new website and tool kit – The trainers Guide to the secrets of mixing pleasure and prevention  tomorrow at our special Satellite Session.

Saying Yes to Good Safe Sex  in Hall L starting at 1pm.

Most dialogue around AIDS – including at AIDS conferences – has omitted any discussion of sexual pleasure and Safer sex campaigns have focused almost exclusively on fear-based messages to promote safer sex. This is despite strong evidence that fear of disease is not a strong motivator for safer sex. In ignoring pleasure, the HIV/AIDS community is ignoring one of its most potent tools in stopping the spread of the disease. the pleasure project at bangkok

In this satellite we are going to launch a new sex education tool kit for sex educators ‘The Trainer’s Guide: Secrets of mixing Pleasure and Protection’. This is written in the form of exercises for practitioners; to enable those keen to promote good safe sex with the current evidence of how and where this works.

We will draw on speakers and presentations with real experience of eroticising safer sex. Speakers have promoted good safe sex in sex education, via their websites and in their own bedrooms. Our very own Arushi Singh will kick off the session by showing all the resources out there to help you eroticise safer sex.

We are going to hear from Professor Dennis Altman, Mr Global Sex himself,about the long history to discuss the realities of sex globally and his part in that.

We also have the pleasure of hearing from Ana Santos  who leads the charge in the Philippines to sexy up reproductive health.

Last but not least Suzanne Noble will join us virtually to launch Tongue in Cheek TVwith real couple showing how safe sex can be wild sex, with videos and lots of tips on choosing the right sex toys to text message flirting, bikini line etiquette to sex positions, masturbation techniques.

Lots to hear about from pleasure lovers who avoid negativity and focus on what feels good…watch this space.. and of course @thepleasureproj