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16 Case Studies

By 2013-11-19March 9th, 2018Resources, Toolkit


Case Studies


This session enables participants to look closely at work that has happened in using the pleasure approach and identify areas that can be applied to their own work. It will also help them to make their action plan in the end of the course, with some concrete activities.


To identify lessons learned from examples and consider their application to participants’ own work

Approximate Time

60 Minutes

Materials Needed

Copies of the case studies


Provide a general overview of the case studies, explaining why they were chosen.

Divide participants into four groups and give one example to each group.

Ask participants to read through the example before identifying its key features (e.g. the target audience, the nature of the intervention, etc.).

Ask participants to identify what, if any, adaptations they would have to make if they were to apply the example in their own work.

Present the outcomes of the small group discussions.

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