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14 Positive Marketing

By 2013-11-19March 9th, 2018Resources, Toolkit


Positive Marketing


The exercise compels participants to project condoms and lubricant as pleasure enhancing products. This helps them understand the possibilities that exist in messaging around condoms (both female and male), apart from those around fear and disease.


To identify and promote pleasure-focused advantages of male and female condoms and lubricant

Approximate Time

45 Minutes

Materials Needed

Male and female condoms, lubricant


Divide participants into six groups. Two groups will work on male condoms, two on female condoms and two on lubricant.

Explain that they have 20 (or more)  minutes in their groups to identify ways of convincing the others of the advantages of their product, focusing on sexual pleasure.

Each group presents to the others – again you can ask them to do a one minute pitch or a 5 minute pitch. You can use video or i phones to record the ‘pitch’

Processing – ask participants:

  • How easy or difficult was that activity?

  • Which points were most/least convincing?

  • What can we learn from the activity?

Tips for trainers

You can pitch this activity as one where the groups have to make an advertisement / TV commercial.

The exercise can be made more interesting and creative by telling participants that they cannot use words like fear, danger, infection, contraception, etc. in their pitch.

It can also be a competition between the groups with the most convincing advertisement winning a small prize – keep some candies or other easy to obtain and inexpensive items handy to give out to the winning group members. Participants become quite enthusiastic with the competition scenario and can be quite creative.

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