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13 Why people have sex / use condom

By 2013-11-19March 9th, 2018Resources, Toolkit


Why People Have Sex/Use Condoms


This exercise helps participants to critically analyse the reasons behind usage or non-usage of condoms, what it has to do with pleasure and how it ties into people’s reasons for having sex. It also helps highlight the gender differences in the reasons for having sex, depending on the context that this exercise is done in.


To explore possibilities for promoting male and female condoms as a means of enhancing sexual pleasure

Approximate Time

60 Minutes

Materials Needed


Marker pens


Divide participants into four groups, giving each group marker pens and paper.

Ask them to brainstorm all the reasons they can think of in answer to the question posed to their group:

Group 1: Why do people use condoms?

Group 2: Why don’t people use condoms?

Group 3: Why do men have sex?

Group 4: Why do women have sex?

Allow 15-20 minutes for this.

Stick all the sheets on the wall and get participants to walk around and look at the lists.

Add blank sheets and ask participants to write in any reasons which appear in two or more of the other lists.

Processing – ask participants:

  • What is the balance between the four lists?

  • Which heading has the most items under it?

  • Was it easier to think of negative or positive things?

  • How could we build up the positives?

  • Which items appear in more than one list?

  • What does this tell us about sexual pleasure?


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