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Is pornography is somebody else’s erotica that you don’t like ?

By 2012-04-02April 1st, 2020Meetings & Publications, What We're Up To

The Pleasure Project’s very own Anne Philpott will be part of a panel this week in Delhi.  Nandita Das, Onir, Mithu Sen, Poorna Jagannathan, Rosalyn D’ Mello will be having a conversation on the changing visual landscape of intimacies and desire in Indian Cinema, image & contemporary art.

The Pleasure Project will be getting down to brass tacks are per usual with our views on making porn safer – and the impact of rapidly increasing access to internet porn in South Asia.

Please come and join us from 6pm on Thursday the 5th – the discussion starts at 7pm

Gallery Engendered SPACE presents The S Word – at

Engendered SPACE, 125 A, IInd Floor Next to Bookwise, Shahpurjat New Delhi – 49

Link to the event here at the Engendered facebook page

And remember when Superman starred in porn (and all the other times) he put it on. Here is the proof.  Safer Sex Superman Art by Thukral and Tagra

Superman puts on one every time