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Everything you have ever wanted

to know about pleasurable safer sex but were afraid to ask..

Is the topic that The Pleasure Project is tackling at AIDS 2012 in Washington conference next week. We have trawled the literature (just for you) to answer 20 question about pleasure, sex and health and it’s here all here..  Everything you ever wanted to know about pleasurable safer sex but were afraid to ask .

We are launching it at the  global AIDS conference in the USA next week (and in India later). It collects together global eviodence to answer tricky questions such as ‘ How long does it take to learn safer sex skills?’

If you are at AIDS 2012 come and hear some of the experts in sexuality and eroticising safer sex speak about the evidence at our Pleasureat 2012 Satilite or learn how to improve your sexy safer skills at our workshop. We are organizing event with DKT International, one of the world’s largest condom social marketing organisations and pleasure promoters .We are grateful to the Institure of Development Studies at University of Sussex who funded the evidence review.


We will also launch it in Delhi on the 28th July with the YP Foundation.

Here are more details of what we are up to next week in our poster TPP AIDS_Poster_v2.with support. pdf..and the link to our  facebook event page.

See you there … keep thinking of the tricky questions..