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Have a Pleasure filled, Fun, Indulgent AND Sexy Women’s Day you all

By 2012-03-08April 1st, 2020Pleasure News & Views

Well this international Women’s Day we at The Pleasure Project  hunted for some feminist slogans on pleasure.

We also looked for some slogans on indulging our desires on International Women’s Day and enjoying ourselves.

We even searched to happiness and women’s day.

It’s a poor show I’m afraid.

There are loads of great posts and articles (including this rather brilliant one by zoe williams): but little very little on us women and our male comrades in the struggle being pleasured or enjoying ourselves today.

In fact we got depressed when we found a website that highlighted” pleasure and women’s day” and turned out to an international bridal search service.

Please cheer us up by sending glorious, luscious, feminist, naughty quotes.

In the meantime we have decided that we need some images of women who like sex, know what they want, have fun and  would use women’s day as an excuse to tickle themselves pink , touch themselves up, have a beer and ignore stupid advice.

We hope you do the same , Just stay safe we need you on the front line of the pleasure revolution.