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Under the Duvet with Gerda Larsson from The Case for Her

Welcome to the second episode of our Under the Duvet series. This week we had a fun, cozy chat and wine with the Co-founder and Managing Director of The Case for Her, Gerda, in her sun filled evening bedroom under her summer quilt in Stockholm. We caught up with Gerda to see how our fellow pleasure propagandists from The Case for Her were doing during the time of COVID-19.

The Case for Her staff are changemakers that focus on women’s health. They primarily focus on menstrual health, pleasure and female sexual health (with a touch of pleasure sprinkled throughout). In this chat Gerda discussed their work with sex tech, sex education, global policy and of course, PLEASURE.
Episode two available on our Youtube Channel now!

This Sweden based philanthropic organisation provides grants and investments for advocacy work. They are a ‘dynamic and flexible portfolio spans the globe and includes investments in product companies, tech innovations, research initiatives, and grassroots organizations.’

Gerda Larsson – in action under the duvet!

They work on Research, Education, Products, and Distribution

‘Evidence-based research is essential when evaluating the success of interventions. We support efforts to develop ground-breaking, comprehensive, and validated metrics’

‘Body literacy is more than just a female anatomy lesson. It’s a discussion about equality and inclusion, a global dialogue that must also include boys and men.’

‘New and innovative product companies provide women and girls with a range of options so they can make their own choices about how to care for their bodies.’

‘Technology and new distribution models help get products to the customers who want them.’

Whether it is menstrual health, menopause or pleasurable sex education, The Case for Her are dedicated to investing in women. We are happy to have them as partners in building the pleasure propagandist community.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Under the Duvet with other advocates and experts from the pleasure world.