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What does your orgasm look like ?

By 2011-04-17April 1st, 2020Pleasurable Products, Pleasure News & Views
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A friend well into her thirties recently asked me  what an orgasm felt like. She had never had one. To be honest I struggled with the words to describe it beyond the cliches of waves, hills and galloping white horses………but now in Delhi there is an exhibition that could just help.

“Orgasm”  is an exhibition to try and capture the essence of them by photographer Sunil Mane at Gallery Nvya. The exhibition is in a rather quiet staid Delhi mall and when I was there was surprisingly completely quiet. Maybe everyone in Delhi knows what orgasms look like.

The curators statement highlights the “brewing storm, the anticipation, the reaching out” that the photographer has attempted to capture with his pictures. It’s certainly an ambitious one.  Here are a couple of my favourites ….. although to be honest without the exhibition title I would probably not have guessed the subject matter. But I really liked the bold attempt and the use of photography to capture such an abstract concept. We do not after all get enough orgasm education.

When I went there I asked Paril the Gallery Manager how reaction had been to the images, she said that lots more people came (ho hum) than to usual exhibitions and the older people were fine, but  young people were more shocked. Bucking the myth that older people are more prudish when it comes to enjoying sexual pleasures. Or maybe with the grace of time more of them had had orgasms and were less worried about it….

I was most fascinated by the metal spoon, magnet and oil in the gallery that the photographer had used to make the  oil dance  then photograph with a huge magnifying lens. What that says about my orgasms I don’t know…….