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The Pleasure Project is lucky enough to be in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As well as enjoying beautiful views, delicious coffee and a variety of adventures we are most impressed by this poster we regularly see around the city.

It’s a new kind of eroticism of safer sex. Selling good safe sex as an exclusive club, with privileges. And it comes to us courtesy of the brilliant condom social marketing organisation DKT.

DKT Ethiopia provided 85 million condoms in 2010 in Ethiopia alongside other family planning methods and  provided a stonking 2.4 million “couple years of protection” in that year alone.  But their talent does not stop at the “members only” ribbed and dotted brand but stretches to include  a “sensations” brand.

Sensation condoms come in a whole ranges of tastes – including mint and cinnamon. However our personal favourite is coffee flavour and has been pleasuring the population since 2008.  Even better cafes in the city have been offering free coffee flavoured condoms with cappuccinos.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, has amazing pavement cafes and a traditional coffee ceremony  where coffee is roasted and drunk sitting together. Every house and shop  has a small arrangement of coffee pot and cups for all of us addicts. So how refreshing to get your delicious condom in the saucer of your coffee rather than sloping off to pick one up behind the closed door of a toilet or from a late night petrol station.

Thank you Ethiopia for coffee and a new take on the coffee ritual.

Watch out soon for more blogs about DKT and their amazing good safe sex products. For starters here is the intriguing DKT Ethiopia advert for mint condoms that combines basketball and  breaking pots to the tune of a Michael Jackson song.

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