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An Updated ‘Joy of Sex’

Book Cover of the new Joy of Sex

The first really raunchy sex manual, Joy of Sex, was published back in 1972. It’s now been revised, this time by a woman, so its down-to-earth sex advice – and its emphasis on pleasure – is fully up to date and written from a perspective that balances both male and female.

It has 43 new sections, many of the original sections have been rewritten, and the complete package not only contains full coverage of safe sex, but hundreds of suggestions for top-to-toe pleasure! The Joy of Sex, revised by Susan Quilliam, is published by Mitchell Beazley (ISBN: 9781845334291).

There are also two follow-up Joy of Sex books, with completely new material: The Romantic Lover is for partners who want to introduce (or reintroduce) a little romantic loving to the bedroom (ISBN: 9781845334727); The Adventurous Lover is for partners who want to push the boundaries and try new things. Both are by Susan Quilliam, published by Mitchell Beazley (ISBN: 9781845334734).