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The Pleasure and Prevention Wave

hurrah for the FC

hurrah for the FC

We remember talking pleasure and prevention back in the day and now we are loving that more and more propagandists are catching on. First this chap called Bill Gates and now those female condom folks with their call to action for

……Global Female Condom Day….

Listen to their info  here…

‘You can help advocate for greater access to female condoms by pledging to take action on September 16, as part of a movement of women and allies around the world who are taking control of their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Female condoms are powerful tools for prevention and pleasure – and they’re the only available method for preventing both HIV/STIs and unintended pregnancy designed for women to initiate’.

And click here on the text for a  link to some of our handy tips for using those famous little sex toys…

female condom and pleasure sexy tips