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Solo Sofa Sex

I love playing with myself. I used to do it all the time, at least once a day. Recently its been in decline. Something to do with pace of life.

So being away from home at Conferences are some of my favorite times to enjoy some solo love. Its something about hotel rooms and jet lag. So it has meant that recently as the concierge shows me my room – I’ll immediately flick my eyes to the sofa. The top edge of the sofa – or maybe the potential of the bed. I love the chance to close the door and
know that no-one knows where I am and what I’m up to. It reminds me of anonymous conference encounters of the past or holiday.

I start thinking of my vast backlog of internal erotic videos. I’m in a girl on girl phase at the moment. Remembering that cute sexy butch who was so keen to take me over my sofa. Did not give me much choice. That was many years ago, but when I re-run I also remember the feel of the rough worn sofa edge like it was yesterday. The memory makes my thighs
tickle. She would always insist I had to bend over. And bend over FAST. I can practically feel the tickle of the hemmed edge at the top of the sofa against my bare thighs. Just thinking about it. Sofa Sex. Nothing to beat it.

I usually lie in the bath getting myself ready. Take my time. Teasing my nipples. Watching them in the funky hotel foam. Or I might let the shower head with its warm steam of water lay across my belly and warm my clit. Maybe just maybe I’ll edge it sorry towards my cunt. Let the warm pulse move around and into me. Start rubbing my back against the cool
bath in pleasure.

But stop myself from dropping over that edge. That I’ll save for the crisp new ironed sheets.. . . or the furniture.

Like tonight. I creep into the bed half damp. Lie on my back. Feel my relaxed body ease into the huge pile of pillows. Dim the lights. And start to imagine. That cute girl who checked me out in the registration queue. She lifted her eyes from her book, looked directly to read my badge and then slowly moved her eyes to my face. Such boldness. What if just what if I could make the most of that bold directness in this huge double bed and multiple pillows. I start moving my fingers around my clit, feeling it harden, moving my legs apart to feel it’s hardness
more. I can feel the start of the flush on my chest. The AC is making my nipples hard. I use my other hard to pull them sharply away from my body. They start to go numb. My other hand slides in and out of me and around my clit. I’m wet quickly. Its the first night of the conference. She was really cute. Its been a while.

I’m so horny I can’t resist that sofa. I have been eyeballing it’s strong frame and rough edges. I creep up to it. Lie myself along it’s pillows. Put one leg up outstretched to the ceiling. Hang my foot down its back until I’m completely wide open and exposed. Feeling the coarse utilitarian hotel sofa fabric on my back and bum. Feeling the AC on my wet cunt. I hang my head off the sofa’s end. Now I’m ready.