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AIDS2010 Fantasy

We have met at other conferences. Flirted a little. Talked. Bantered. She teases me in a way that makes me blush. She stands a little too close to me. Presses her breasts a little too much against me when we say good-bye. Finds my eyes across a crowded room when I am busy networking, and keeps eye contact until my heart beats faster.

She is hot. Smart, good-looking, interesting. And hot. I just want to bring her to my hotel room and…

… fuck her
… no, no that sounds too rough
… take her
… no, that sounds like it´s too much about me
… make love to her
… too schmaltzy
… explore her
… I am not on a polar expedition
… Give her pleasure.

Yes, that is what I want. Get back to her for making me blush by making her twist and turn under my mouth and fingers. Feel her lips. Taste her skin. Suck her nipples. Run my fingers along her thighs and ass. Make her wet. Very, very wet. Tease her with my patience. Fuck her. Yes, ok, I do want to fuck her.