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The Pleasure Project take on all things pleasure at the WAS congress!

The second day of the WAS Congress concluded with an amazing moment for pleasure: the WAS General Assembly voted to accept the Declaration for Sexual Pleasure! Often, discussions of sexual health centre around fear, disease shame and death. Conversations rarely focus on sex positively, celebrating all the wonders and benefits it can bring to sexual health. This Sexual Pleasure Declaration being adopted is amazing as it brings pleasure into the limelight, promoting it as the missing link to achieving a holistic understanding of sex and sexuality recognising its benefits to love, consent, respect; allowing people to establish good, safe, sexual experiences.

With the ratification of the declaration pushing the pleasure wave even farther, we expected pleasure to have a big moment at this congress – and we were not disappointed! Keep reading to find out some of our most pleasurable moments at the congress so far!

🎉An Instagram live with WAS Congress and Lisa Walsh 🎉

If you’re still looking for some more explanation as to why the pleasure-based approach is so important, the argument was best described through a cooking analogy by Anne on an insta live with Lisa Walsh – and it makes it make perfect sense. When we teach people to cook, we teach them about the enjoyment of cooking, giving people the necessary skills to cook well and make delicious food. While doing this, we also focus on the risks that could happen – like cutting your finger – and how to be safe to avoid these. We get a holistic overview of the positives and negatives – this is what we need in SRHR programmes. We need to teach people about the risks, while also teaching them about the benefits and joys that can come from sex.

The launch of our pleasure principles – woohoo!!

Yet another champagne worthy moment – The Pleasure Project were so excited to announce on the Saturday of the Congress that we finally launched our much-awaited Pleasure Principles!

I watched this talk with my flatmate to introduce her to the wonderful world of pleasure activism and as Eusebio went further and further into explaining the many benefits pleasure can have on sexual health, we sat on the sofa with our mouths open in shock. I am a massive pleasure activist, but even I did not know just how much pleasure could do for sexual health – wow, just wow. After seeing all these benefits, I will be running not walking to seek out all the pleasure I can! And we hope as this research gets more accepted, people will be doing the same towards our pleasure principles. Of course, unsafe sex has negative consequences, but we should also talk about the benefits in sex education.

This WAS Congress has been a major contribution to the building pleasure wave. The Pleasure Project have really enjoyed our time and been so inspired seeing so many pleasure positive voices.

“We are so excited to hear all the enthusiasm for our new Pleasure Principles, from amazing experts at WHO and UNFPA but also the immediate responses from pleasure practitioners who have said how useful this new tool will be. I can’t wait to hear their feedback on our website.”

✨✨✨Tune in to our next blog post to hear from three of our amazing pleasure fellows who were at the WAS congress – their pleasure voices are not something to be missed!✨✨✨