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Under the Duvet with Vithika Yadav from Love Matters India

Our fourth episode of Under the Duvet is with long-time activist, advocate, and pleasure propagandist, Vithika Yadav. Vithika had the chance to speak to us from under her duvet in India, although there was probably already enough heat in Delhis, she was game and we loved catching up!

Vithika works with Love Matters, a digital Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) platform that caters to the needs of young people. They provide open, honest, non-judgmental and science-based information on love, sex and relationships using innovate media formats. They also show us day after day that #pleasurematters to their users.
Episode Four with Vithika!

We loved discusing what how COVID-19 has impacted Love Matters work in India, and the importance of digital sex ed content at this time as people need to find new ways to seek connections and information. Also whether now is the moment for a breaking of taboos on discussing female pleasure in India….[ we think it is !]

Vithika very cozy under her sheets !

Stay tuned for more episodes and stay updated on all the work from us and Love Matters through Twitter and Instagram! #priortizepleasure