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Blog by Arushi

So we’ve been a little quiet on the blog front but that’s because the blog site was not functioning for a few months and we’ve finally been able to sort it all out! The blog is back up and running and then we realised that the last blog was about our event in Goa.

Well guess what – this blog is about another event in Goa! Anne was holidaying in Goa and when Arushi and Anne got together we decided to rock the Goa scene a little and found a third partner in pleasure to do so – Q, the filmmaker. Opening the eveningWe had a fantastic evening discussing cinema erotica, access to sexual information, the politics around sexuality and taboos, porn, and how it all relates to good, safe sex.

Q talked about his journey from being a teenage porn film watcher to a grown up cinema erotica maker. Q Growing up in India meant a distinct lack of access to any kind of information on sex, pleasure, desire, or spaces for exploration. That’s one reason that Q began to make his own sexy films that push boundaries and hold up a mirror to society on sexuality. Gandu, is in an indie ilm, that has tantalised 4 million people to download it…

The Pleasure Project’s work, of course, aims to counter this paucity of information and of positive reinforcements around sexuality. Anne spoke about our work and how we try and counter all the negativity around sex, sexual acts, hierarchies of sexual acts and identities, and the

Anne quoting from 'Sex and the Citadel'political power-play around pleasure. One of our motivations for bringing together the public health world and the pleasure world stems from Reich’s comment on the sexual misery of the masses.

Our audience was riveted and they stayed to watch snippets of the porn films that The Pleasure Project has done condom consultancies for. Our quiz prize winner was able to come up with the maximum number of ‘signs of sexual arousal among women and men’!  Nupur wins the prize!A super sexy evening with the super sexy Goa crowd!Full house!