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While I was in Mexico at the SSSS meeting, I went to a brilliant session by Mark Schoen of Mark’s presentation, entitled “100 years of sex education films”, was enthralling enough to draw and keep awake an audience at 8am on a Sunday morning, the last day of the meeting – even though we were sitting in a darkened room. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is. Mark is himself a film maker, and has made it his mission to collect different films relating to sex. He’s always looking for more contributions, and would be especially interested in those relating to pleasure and sexuality. Here’s what he has to say: is just as its name implies, instructional films about sex from around the world.  The collection is culturally and sexually diverse. It includes explicit and non-explicit, instructional and clinical, Public Service Announcements, documentaries and more. The library grows weekly and now has nearly 200 videos.   The oldest film is from 1896 – the first screen kiss, and the newest films are from 2009.  Many films are professionally produced and others come from student filmmakers.

SexSmartFilms is always looking for new films that promote a wide range of sexual pleasure and safer sex.  We include films for young children, teens and adults. If you know of films or have your own film that you would like to include please visit or contact me directly [email protected].

You can check out Mark’s website, and I would especially recommend the films he’s made himself. (He showed “The True Story of How Babies are Made” at the meeting, which was charming!) If you know of a safer sexier film, please feel free to send it to us too!

Note: Ana’s column will appear a bit later this week… but will contain hot breaking news! Stay tuned!