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Media coverage from before 2009

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Inter Press Service

A World AIDS Day report on the global effort to eroticize safer sex and improve sexual health. Read the article.


This global source for news and analysis on HIV and AIDS reported on The Pleasure Project’s presentations at the 2008 International AIDS Conference in Mexico City (August 2008). Read the article.

They also covered our work at the 8th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP), in Colombo, Sri Lanka (August 2007). Read the article.

More pleasurable headlines

Time to stand up for the condom
Sydney Morning Herald (7 Dec 2006)
The hardcore way to safer sex
The Times (3 Sep 2005)
Whatever happened to the Femidom?
The Guardian (23 Aug 2005)
Lunch with the Lancet
The Lancet (12 February 2005)
10 love moves no man can resist
Cosmo extra (Mar 2005)
Can safe sex be good sex?
Choices magazine (Dec 2004)

The 2006 International AIDS Conference

“The Pleasure Project first shook things up at the … AIDS conference in 2002 … At the 2004 Bangkok AIDS conference, the organisation hosted a discussion on introducing pleasure into sexual health programming … Their ‘Global Mapping of Pleasure’ initiative is a rich resource of projects and organisations that put pleasure first in AIDS prevention…”

“Mitchell [Warren, executive director of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative] praised The Pleasure Project, a British-based organization that works “to put the pleasure back in safer sex” and presents female condoms as a sex toy.” Ms. Magazine

“Lessons in erotic art, pornography and talking dirty have been a spicy addition to the global AIDS forum here as campaigners try to make safe sex, well, sexy. “Sex sells,” commented one of over 100 delegates who crammed into a tiny room for a seminar entitled ‘Where is the Pleasure in Safe Sex?’ Yahoo! News

“ … The Pleasure Project … has helped health educators in Cambodia to break the shyness barrier in talking about sex … compiled a list of dozens of groups worldwide pushing the Kama Sutra to teach prostitutes how to pleasure clients without penetration and other tricks, and showed British film directors how to use condoms in porn movies “in a sexy way … ” Yahoo! News

2005 Erotic Awards Nominee: “Campaigner of the Year”

The Erotic Awards raises funds for Outsiders, a disability charity that runs the National Sex and Disability Helpline and a unique club that enables disabled people to make new friends and find sexual partners. In 2005, The Pleasure Project’s Anne Philpott was nominated as “Campaigner of the Year”. Read more about the Erotic Awards>>>