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Why pleasure and development should not be strangers in bed…

By 2011-03-07April 1st, 2020Pleasure News & Views

There is a great new blog on the UK Guardian’s “poverty matters” blog

” Love and Money: Why secooking stove and sexx and development are not strange bedfellows”. here it is

It is a great  rallying cry about the need to think more about sexuality when it comes to development work – and for health and education services to be  more effective by recognising departures from sexual norms.

But we did make a little comment about the fact that all the examples chosen are negative examples of how sexuality affects development: women as victims of violence, girls unable to attend school due to menstruation, people killed because they are gay.

What about more examples of all the good things that can come from our sexuality and sex lives – empowerment, pleasure, self awareness and more safer sex…..?

Check our comment below the article and here.