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The safer sex time bomb has gone off in India

By 2011-01-19April 1st, 2020Pleasure News & Views

Last January we reported from India with the comment “Sex is time bomb waiting to go off in India”.

Well it seems it just did.

The national Indian magazine Outlook just reported it’s annual sex survey this week – and it has some interesting findings…..

–   34% of respondents has had a one night stand in the past 3 years

–   Mumbai is the place most suited to one night stands (55%)

–   52% think a relationship purely for physical needs is okay between consenting adults

–  43% say social networksing websites improve their chances of casual sex

–   17% have had sex with a facebook friend

–   67% cannot imagine enjoying casual sex with a foreigner (sob……)

–   And hurrah 58% carry contraceptives and condoms in anticipation of a casual encounter..

Now we are not sure about the selection bias and sample size of this survey…..but it does show a desire to have casual sex and play it safe when you do.  See the rest of the survey here.