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In May, you gotta play (with yourself)

By 2011-05-31August 7th, 2023Masturbation, Pleasure News & Views, Sex-ed, SRHR

May is national masturbation month – a celebration of the joys of self lovin’.

We hope you have been taking this seriously.

Because wanking is not second best or even a last resort.It’s the real deal. And after all, if you don’t know what you like,  how are you going to be able to tell your partners what you like ?

If you have been a good activist wanker – please pat yourself again in celebration.

If you have not been wanking this month.  Shame on you.  But there is still time to spank the monkey before the month ends and feel like a good safe sex activist…..on your own masturbate – a – thon today.

And we wanted to list a few benefits of playing with yourself to start you off.

– orgasms make you live longer, a study found that there was a 50% reduction in death rates in man who orgasmed frequently

– wanking reduces your risk of prostrate cancer ( this only applies for boys 😉

– wanking reduces infections of the cervix (this only applies for girls 😉

– wanking increases fertility

– wanking can improve self esteem and reduce depression

– The five knuckle shuffle is not a new thing but an integral part of the human condition. There are depictions of  women enjoying some self love from as far back at 4th C BC in cave drawings.

And  studies show that 95% of men and 71% of women have masturbated during their lives..

So please take your pleasure  into your own hands as national masturbation months draws to a close – and enjoy some good completely safe sex today.