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Desire, Pleasure, and Wellbeing – Call for Articles

Sexuality In Africa Magazine

Sexuality in Africa magazine has recently posted a call for articles for their Volume 6, Issue 1, which will focus on “Desire, Pleasure, and Wellbeing”. They write:

Contributors to this volume are invited to examine the intersection between desire, pleasure and sexual right on the one hand, and sexual health and socio-cultural wellbeing on the other hand. Are there, or should there be, sociocultural standards for sexual arousal or behavior? Should an individual living positively with HIV be free to explore sexual desire and pleasure? Should multiple sexual partnerships be abolished or sanctioned? Should persons with queer sexual orientation be free to express such orientation or subject themselves to societal restrictions? Would unlimited freedom to explore sexual pleasure guarantee wellbeing for the individual and the society?

Submissions for this issue are due by the end of September. For more information, see or email [email protected].