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Second Convening of the Endorsing Organizations – Serving Up Pleasure

Whenever pleasure enthusiasts come together (pun very much indented), the atmosphere is fire! On June 28th The Pleasure Project hosted our second Pleasure Get Together, the quarterly meeting of our partners and organizations endorsing The Pleasure Principles.

With the rapid expansion of organizations, activists, and practitioners that are interested in knowing how to implement a pleasure-based approach to their work, we officially decided to call ourselves a Community of Practice based on pleasure! It was a joy to see how in line we all were and excited about the prospect of being able to catalyze our collective strength for positive change towards pleasure. After all, we had been serving CoP all along!

And while speaking of serving, during our Second Pleasure Get Together, we were thrilled to serve up plenty of pleasure offerings to our endorsing organizations. The Pleasure Project has been focusing on community, communication, and knowledge sharing and we presented our partners with:

  • An exclusive preview of a pleasure tool we have been working on for over a year (we love to tease but for now that’s all we’re going to say!)
  • A taste of a project we’re working on around The Pleasure Principles
  • The launch of our brand-new Pleasure Newsletter
  • The presentation of the Pleasure Archive, a knowledge-sharing tool for pleasure resources to build knowledge and empower the Community of Practice
  • A positive disruption action we are setting up to mobilize the CoP’s joint strength and increase our knowledge.

The Pleasure Get Together offered a space for our partners to spotlight their programmatic work, their struggles, successes, and put forward requests or collaborations to the CoP. The enthusiasm for being able to hear what other organizations, practitioners, activists, scholars, and pleasure accomplishes are doing to mainstream pleasure was palpable: pleasure work can be at times lonely work; we strive to connect pleasure accomplices to one another to inspire, support, and challenge each other in the work of pleasure based SRHR and CSE.

Our partner AmplifyChange presenting their work during our Pleasure Get Together

If you’d like to know more about how to become an endorsing organization, check-out this page! We’re delighted to welcome all those who want to meaningfully engage with pleasure-based approaches to their work. The pleasure wave is spreading, will you join us?