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Our first guest blogger: Ana Santos

By 2009-10-29Guest Bloggers

We’re incredibly happy to have the wonderful Ana Santos as our first Pleasure Project guest blogger. Ana will join us once a week during the month of November to give her thoughts on sex, pleasure, lovin’… whatever strikes her fancy.

Who is Ana?Ana and Condom Man

Ana is a freelance journalist based in Manila, Philippines. She writes mostly about sex & relationships and gender-based issues. In her articles, she strives to prove that those topics are two entirely different things!

Amazed that she has been able to write about sex in the Philippines, a devoutly Catholic country, for the last five years, she pushes the envelope further by diversifying this scintillating topic into advocacy on reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and safe pleasurable sex.

Ana’s full-length features and essays have been published in men’s magazines like Manual, UNO and Playboy; and in the Philippine editions of Marie Claire and Women’s Health.

Ana received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of the Philippines.