Are we location-neutral? True.

Are we working globally? Also true.

Are we a guerrilla girls activist collective putting the sexy back into safe sex? Also true!


Annie is a public health professional, pleasure propagandist and ‘guerrilla girl’ of HIV prevention. She founded ’The Pleasure Project’ in 2004, in frustration of endless AIDS meetings where no one talked about people’s motivations for having sex, or even pretended sexually transmitted infections were airborne. Annie has over 20 peer-reviewed articles in respected health journals and more in the mainstream media, and has been a speaker at international conferences, promoting pleasure in sex education and as the ultimate indicator of female empowerment. She has also published articles on nutrition and disease prevention services. 

Annie has learnt from many, through her varied career in both delivery of sex education and frontline services, to managing grants and commissioning health programmes. Annie developed her passion for sexual and public health, through working with one of the UK’s first teenage pregnancy projects in the UK, domestic violence refuges in London and by starting many of the world’s first female condom programmes. She also worked in South Africa during the early years of the AIDS epidemic. She has lived and worked in the UK, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand in a variety of roles. Annie has a degree in Psychology and a Masters (MSc) in Health Policy from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Arushi Singh

Arushi became a Pleasure Propagandist in 2006 and started with training young people to sexy up their sex education in India, the UK, Bangladesh and Vietnam, doing pleasure body mapping at the Bali conference on AIDS in Asia-Pacific, and encouraging all to draw on our Great Wall of Vagina in Delhi. She has been providing technical consultancy to several international NGOs and UN agencies across Asia and parts of Africa on adolescent and youth sexuality, gender and rights, and sex-positive and pleasure-based approaches to sexual health. 

She has conducted multi-country assessments, scoping studies and desk reviews, developed toolkits and training curricula, done qualitative and participatory evaluations of large-scale, multi-country projects on ASRHR, women’s rights and advocacy, and facilitated regional and international consultations and workshops for UN and government officials, NGO personnel, service providers, and diverse young people, including key populations. 

Previously, she worked for the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s (IPPF) South Asia Regional Office and was responsible for leading the strategy on adolescents’ and young people’s SRHR programmes across South Asia. She also worked for Amnesty International’s India Office and the Commonwealth Youth Programme’s Asia Centre. Arushi has a Masters degree in Globalisation and Communications from the University of Leicester, UK.

Francesca Barolo

Francesca has been flirting with pleasure for over 10 years through conversations with Arushi and Anne and joined the team in 2021. Born in Italy, she migrated to India where she has now spent close to 20 years working from the grassroots to the national and regional levels on women’s rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Francesca’s motivation to work in the development field is moved by her total rejection for any form of discrimination and oppression, and her total commitment to equity and equality. 

Francesca merits having single-handedly managed and coordinated the 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in India in 2007. With the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s South Asia Regional Office, she managed grants and partnerships on several issues, including youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services, comprehensive sexuality education, prevention of girls’ trafficking. Most recently she supported a national NGO leading their programme portfolio, besides an in-depth engagement in advocacy and operations. 

Francesca has a strong analytical and managerial mind and leads the operations at The Pleasure Project. She has an MA in Sociology from the Delhi School of Economics and and MA in Peace Keeping Management and a degree in International Relations from the Universita’ di Torino, Italy.

Marten Sims

Marten is the brains behind our fabulous design. He adds his graphical pizzazz to the posters, postcards, funky literature reviews and documents. He manages to tow the line between serious content and eye catching sexy appeal. And he never bats an eyelash when we say we want the text about the evidence of the erotic placed onto a photo of a hard-on in a condom. Classy.

Jess McCrone

Jess is our current intern here at The Pleasure Project. She is currently studying an MSc in International Development, Social Justice and Sustainability at the University of Bath. After completing an undergraduate in Geography she learned about the histories of sexuality, the geographies of prostitution and social justice. She is now extremely excited to have her eyes opened by working at the pleasure project as to how a pleasure positive sex education approach is imperative to fostering long lasting change. Weaving this with her knowledge on development and sustainability. Gaining a greater understanding and passion for sexual reproductive health and rights.

As our media and communications officer, Jess will be keeping all our social media channels up to date keeping everyone informed on what’s happening at The Pleasure Project and writing exciting blog posts. She will also be helping manage our exciting new Pleasure Fellow Scheme which launched in March. While working with the team she is excited about gaining a greater understanding and passion for sexual reproductive health and rights, learning to always ask ‘where is the pleasure?’ and how to best help people achieve good, safe, sex.

Amanda Kamanda

Amanda Kamanda Bosco is a transgender woman activist from Uganda currently pursuing a Masters degree in international development, social justice and sustainability at university of Bath, Uk. She has six years of experience advocating for human rights of transgender persons where she worked as a programs Assistant officer at Transgender Equality Uganda in Uganda. She also is passionate about sexual and reproductive health rights and gender equality in being affiliated with the UN women Beijing +25 generation equality youth task force 2021 and She decides 25×25 young leaders on the ICPD summit. Amanda holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and is a member of the African Queer Youth Initiative.

Sonali Silva

An MSc graduate in Global Health Policy, Sonali focused her academic research on Gender, Equity, and Global Health. In her role as a SheDecides Champion, Sonali advocates for gender empowerment, and body and mind autonomy in a world where all women and girls have an equal right to independence over their futures. With over 4 years of experience with WHO, Sonali has overseen technical projects and campaigns in various global WHO Country Offices. Her roles have overseen country collaboration and development of projects in Gender Equity and Rights with WHO in Sri Lanka and Strategic and Digital Communications with WHO Centre for Health Development in Kobe, Japan.