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The Pleasure Project is the world’s leading organisation putting the sexy into safer sex since 2004.

Our objective is to get sex educators hooked on talking dirty and to embrace desire, joy, happiness, and pleasure when it comes to sex education. We can have safer sex if we know how to have good sex. The Pleasure Project wants to provide sex education with the emphasis on ‘sex’, not ‘education’.

What We Do

The Pleasure Project is an international education and advocacy organization working to eroticize safer sex. We build bridges between the public health world and the pleasure and sex industry, and help to develop the evidence base for a sex-positive and pleasure-based approach to sexual health and rights. We promote sexual health and agency through an emphasis on ‘good sex’ and by focusing on one of the primary reasons people have sex – the pursuit of pleasure – and by acknowledging diverse desires and means of satisfaction.

The Pleasure Project provides training and consultancy for sexual health professionals and sexuality educators and others who want to take a more sex-positive and pleasure-based approach to their work. We have contributed to evidence generation on pleasure, safer sex and agency through our research and publications. We also help erotic media producers to incorporate sexy safer sex into porn films and other media.

Because sex education is rarely sexy and erotica is rarely safe.

The Pleasure Project was started in 2004 and since then we have provided pleasure proficiency training for sex educators, condom consultancy for erotic films and mastered the art of erotic condom demonstration.