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Here are a few of the people we like – people who can be sexy whilst talking about safety or are not scared to mention desire when promoting safer sex.

Approved TPP Resources

Sexy Health Materials & Organizations

Center for Sex and Culture

The Center for Sex and Culture is a sex positive non-profit organization offering a library, sex parties and workshops


Gay men fighting AIDS have always taken a pleasure angle, and this site is no exception

Planned Parenthood

One of the largest reproductive health agencies gives clear advice on safer sex, including quotes from people claiming to enjoy sex and lots of it – hurrah!


Safety without fear for young people

Places to Shop & Seek Pleasure

Safer Sex Related Stores & Materials


The place to buy all your sex enhancing gadgets whilst learning about safe ways to handle them

Cake NYC

An entertainment company focused on women’s sexual pleasure, CAKE online is a resource for exploring female sexuality, pleasure, health, and politics


This is a condom seller that focuses first on pleasure, offering a range of sexy condoms, including the worlds first “shaped-to-fit condoms”, as well as orgasm fuel.

Good Vibrations

A great spot to find sex toys, supplies, books of all kinds and lots of information about safer sex and fun sex education, including outreach education.

Moods Planet

This pleasure pushing brand comes from the biggest condom manufacturer in India. The chocolate flavoured condoms look inviting.

sh! Women’s Store

This is one of the best and oldest women’s sex shops around! Need a vibrator or an erotic book? Then cruise around their relaxed shop in London’s East End (we were offered a cup of tea on arrival, which won us over immediately!)


A site that dares to admit that women like sex

Got one you’re dying to share?

We are not pretending to be exhaustive, so please send us recommendations for more sites. Just remember that they must put the sexy back into safe sex. Email your suggestions to [email protected].