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Hip Hip Hurrah for lube

By 2010-12-15April 1st, 2020Uncategorized

We  lube.

It is one of the world’s great unsung marvelous inventions. It makes sex feel much much better. It helps us practice safer sex. Its that smooth quick ease that lets you have the sex you want. Sometimes quickly and sometimes really           slowly.

We have been convinced that it helps safer sex. People tell us so (and we know it helps us). A condom feels so much better with lube inside and out.

So we are very chuffed that some academics are catching on. People who usually only focus on the technology and not the process of pleasure creation.

A recent study of over 2400 womens’  use of lube reported that women used lube to increase pleasure, have fun (especially when wanking) but also it helped increase safer sex. Yeh. Here are the details.

Another recent study to discover if a gel (microbicides) can prevent HIV has shown some good news.   There is still some way to go before we have a product available – but we could have at some point a lube that actively kills the HIV virus and increases our pleasure.

Now that would be good news.