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Condom Design Innovations

By 2009-08-26April 1st, 2020Pleasurable Products, Sexy Tips
photo by Sk slezska (wikicommons)

photo by Sk slezska (wikicommons)

The Human Condition, a blog by Kate Dailey, recently posted about five condom design innovations particularly suited to making sex more pleasurable. Some – like the wider head on the condoms – have been around in Europe for some time, but are just becoming popular in America. Others are examples of condom manufacturers picking up on tricks that we’ve been using to make sex more slippery-slidey and sensational for years!

It also includes some nice tips:

Not all women report a difference in sensation based on the ribbing, so personal preference applies. (However, almost everyone we spoke to recommended a vibrating ring to be worn over the condom, which the large majority of women will most assuredly feel.)

Do you know about other innovations in safer sex technology? Leave us a comment and we’ll check it out!