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Have some stamina to pleasure yourself this International Women’s Day

The Pleasure Project likes to think of International Women’s Day as a chance to celebrate, have fun..whilst of course keeping safe. Last year we got a little despondent as we struggled  to find any calls to women to enjoy themselves, have fun or (heaven forbid) fulfill their desires.

We know there are many many depressing facts to highlight; 30 million women are infected with HIV globally and in parts of Africa and the Caribbean, young women  are up to six times more likely to be HIV-positive than young men of the same age. Sexual violence is widespread and a brutal violation of women’s rights.

But we at Pleasure Towers want more positive visions of where we are headed  – not just descriptions of the bad stuff that needs to stop. How women are also thriving, enjoying themselves and of course getting some great sexy safe sex.

We don’t meant this kind of fun where women look like they have just realized that eating a cake before swimming won’t mean instant death…

but more this kind of fun where women  just seem to be having a good sexy safe time (and don’t write to tell us Ms Piggie is actually a pig, she is all woman )

But we must admit that we are pretty impressed with the Women of the World festival in London this weekend and it’s  ‘the stamina of celebration‘ quoting Jude Kelly the founder.

There has been some discussion of pleasure, including by Noami Wolf, less of sexual health and very little of good safe sex.

However we were blown away by the rather marvelous pussy blanket; not unlike our very own The Great Wall of Vagina. The pussy blanket has been created by the Shoreditch Sisters from the Women’s Institute to highlight a need to end female genital mutilation. (Didn’t see that coming did ya!)

The brilliant Daughters of Eve have promised to write a blog for us about the myths surrounding sexual pleasures and FGM….

And your faithful pleasure propagandist doesn’t give up so she is going back tomorrow to hear views on pornography, and whether feminist porn is possible. Watch this space.

The Great Wall of Vagina                                                     The Pussy Blanket