Will you play with yourself tonight ?

That was the Pleasure Project’s opening line at Vienna 2010 -(the biggest global AIDS conference ever happening this week – with 25,000 people gathering from all over the world)   It was all part of our campaign to get public health people to put a bit more pleasure in their life and a bounce in their step. It seems to be working. We put up new posters all over the venue every day . . . . with suggestions about what ELSE participants might be doing besides working hard. It seems to be getting us a good reaction…….See the fantasies posted on this blog…


  • Veronica says:

    In the latest issue of “International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health,” Jim Shelton (of USAID’s Bureau for Global Health) tells us of the merits of ‘masturbation’ programming in HIV prevention interventions. Masturbation– everyone does it. According to Shelton, since masturbation is already commonly praticed, there is much to be gained by addtressing it more openly in public health policy and programs. Shelton says, “The public health community’s reluctance to discuss masturbation may hve contributed to the dearth of research and evaluation addressing it.”

    We have a moral imperitive to get comfortable with masturbation.

  • anne says:

    We agree, we agree. Why does public health go silent when the topic of wanking comes up ? Why is this very very safe method of sex just not discussed publicly as a prevention option ?

    Although we were impressed with one region in Spain’s approach to education in a former post…


    As I said and its worth saying again. How can anyone know how to pleasure you if you don’t practice on yourself ?

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