4th Africa Conference on Sexual Health & Rights – Call for Abstracts

By August 11, 2009 Meetings & Publications

The 4th Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights will be held from February 8-12, 2010 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. You can find general information about the conference on their website, but what’s really great is that this year, positive sexuality is specifically mentioned in the conference objectives.

The Call for Abstracts lists the following sub-themes:
Sexuality Conference

• Exploring positive sexuality and sexual pleasure as a strategy for combating HIV & AIDS.
• Pleasure, Positive Sexuality – What messaging for HIV & AIDS Prevention?
• Redefining Masculinities – How to engage men in positive sexuality.

There are also other objectives and sub-themes where pleasure can certainly fit in, though it is not explicitly mentioned.

The deadline to submit abstracts is September 30, 2009. You can read the full abstract submission guidelines by clicking here.


  • Chijioke says:

    I have a reservation concerning the conference registration fee where the amount to be paid is flat for every participant including the youths. Is this a way of encouraging meaningful youth participation? this is because I am afraid that this could reduce the number of youths that will participate in this conference especially Africans if something urgent is not done.
    Okonkwo Chijioke

  • Krissy says:

    Dear Chijioke,

    Thanks for your comment! Actually, we are not one of the organizers of the conference; we were just happy that they included some tracks on pleasure. If you visit the conference website: http://www.africasexuality.org/, you should be able to find contact information for the organizers. Indeed, it seems strange to not offer a youth discount! Maybe they can discuss this with you.

    Hope to see you there!

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