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“It doesn’t cost anything to have a wank so don’t put these pressures on it.”

TPP’s Anne Philpott in Wired UK

“Putting the sexy into safer sex.”


“Podcast—Let’s talk about sex: why do we need good sex education?”

– The Guardian

“Sex: when pleasure comes first”

– Positive News

“The Pleasure Principle”

– Sex Pleasure Rights

“Placing pleasure at the heart of safe sex”

– Health-e News

“Providing pornography that champions contraceptive measures to encourage students to practice safer sex.”
“Pleasure Project Brings Safer Sex Discussion To AIDS Conference”

– WAMU, Washington DC

“A dialogue on safe sex practice, issues of consent and desire”

– The Indian Express, New Delhi

“The Case for Her is leading this charge with our newly launched female sexual pleasure investment portfolio including The Pleasure Project, a safe sex educator focused on satisfaction, desire and pleasure”

– The Case For Her Sexual Pleasure

“Live Q&A: how can we reach an ‘Aids-free generation’?”

– The Guardian

“To stop HIV, let’s bring sexy back”

– Open Democracy

“Sex and Birth Control”

– Huffpost

“Focus on Pleasure Principle”

– The Washington Post

“The Pleasure Project Eyes Risky Behavior”

– Women and girls

“Whatever happened to the Femidom?”

– The Guardian

“A bridge between sexual enjoyment and sexual health”

The Guardian

“A rich resource of projects and organisations that put pleasure first in AIDS prevention…”


“Mitchell [Warren, executive director of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative] praised The Pleasure Project, a British-based organization that works “to put the pleasure back in safer sex” and presents female condoms as a sex toy.”

– Ms. Magazine

“Lessons in erotic art, pornography and talking dirty have been a spicy addition to the global AIDS forum here as campaigners try to make safe sex, well, sexy. “Sex sells,” commented one of over 100 delegates who crammed into a tiny room for a seminar entitled ‘Where is the Pleasure in Safe Sex?’ Yahoo! News
“The Pleasure Project … has helped health educators in Cambodia to break the shyness barrier in talking about sex ”
– Yahoo! News


2005 Erotic Awards Nominee: “Campaigner of the Year”

The Erotic Awards raises funds for Outsiders, a disability charity that runs the National Sex and Disability Helpline and a unique club that enables disabled people to make new friends and find sexual partners. In 2005, The Pleasure Project’s Anne Philpott was nominated as “Campaigner of the Year”. Read more about the Erotic Awards

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