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robinpadilla_menshealthAnnie Philpott and I have what can probably be termed as “every safe sex activist’s ultimate fantasy”. This fantasy is of a hot, delectable specimen of a man subtlety promoting condoms, insinuating the pleasure that they bring.

During a conversation we had on this topic, the man who came to mind was George Clooney, Hollywood’s alpha-male and quintessential bachelor who has the distinction of being voted the sexiest man alive, more than once.

We imagined George looking his usual dapper self in a tux, pulling out what is distinctly a condom wrapper from his coat pocket. All the while, George would be looking into the camera with a knowing grin and a twinkle in his eye. There wouldn’t be a need for a lot of words – the power of the imagery would leave enough to the imagination.  In foreplay parlance, this kind of gaze could only signify “tantalizing anticipation”; a languorous scrumptious build-up to steamy action sure to ensue.
Wouldn’t this be just the thing that would make women tear their clothes off and jump into bed?

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