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So all our dear pleasure loving safety conscious sexy people,

We know that you have got the hang of talking dirty when you want safer sex. We know you say things like this.

” Sweetie let me slowly carefully consciously unroll this tight fitting sex toy all the way down your cock so that I can feel the bumps on it grind me as we fuck. “

and you follow it up with    “Because I wanna have a long relaxed sexy breakfast with you tomorrow rather than rushing out to get the morning after pill or got for an STI test”

But maybe some of you are still worried. You are having

You know how to Put the pleasure into prevention.

But what about ethical ?  What about those sexy ribbed sex toys…..can you relax knowing that no harm was done whilst they were being made ?

Worry no more.

Well we just heard that now you can buy fair trade condoms called fair squared condoms. Rubber sourced in Kerala (which  is possibly the sexiest state in India in itself…)…and then processed in a carbon neutral factory with some of the profits going to charity.

How about that. Now we can all really relax into it.

Knowing we are pleasured, protected and saving the planet as we fuck.


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So another middle aged straight male is blogging as a lesbian. We are surrounded by lesbian blogger fraud. First the The Gay Girl in Damascus turns out to be the straight bearded boy in Edinburgh. Then a leading lesbian blogger at   Lez Get Real “A gay Girls View on the World” turns out to be a retired construction worker in Ohio.

So it’s a new angle on men fantasising about being with lesbians – now there is a rush to pretend to be one. So we at The Pleasure Project were musing on why. And came up with a few reasons.

1. You get to have sex with women.

2.  You get to live in a huge flat with ironed duvets, have great sex and swim in your pool just by drinking lots of coffee all day.


3. It is much easier to HAVE SAFE SEX all the time. Just by virtual of being a gal who loves gals. You can’t get unintentionally pregnant. There is a small number of documented cases of woman to women HIV transmission and much smaller risks than for straight women or gay men. Although women loving women still need to watch that mixing of sexual fluids on uncleaned sex toys or through oral sex. But all that stuff that dykes love – touching each other, wanking each other, eating chocolate spread off nipples, borrowing each others clothes and getting a cat – is good clean fun

So maybe those guys are just plain jealous of all that and the double nipples involved in it ?

So we have thought of a new campaign building on the ABC sex education campaign promoted from the US,mainly by religious groups and mainly in Africa to stem the HIV epidemic. We feel inspired by lesbian jealousy to add the D to the ABC.


Be Faithful


Dyke Sex



Think its gonna fly ?


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Thanks to all who came to Yodakin Bookstore last night and bravely wrote, read and shared their fantasies at our “Share Your Pleasure” event. We are now all the richer in our collective fantasy bank.

Let it long continue this participatory literotica festival  . . .

We had a wonderful array of fantasies –  both ones we had prepared earlier and others spontaneously added to our “fantasy box”.  Whilst people read we watched a backdrop of polymorphously perverse  images including some that attendees had sent to The Pleasure Project in advance – you naughty exhibitionists you.

The evening began with a beautiful feast with Rosalyn who whetted everyone’s appetite with her soaking, marinating chicken. Taking us deep in the art of lustful food.

Then with perfect timing Sumit arrived fresh from the exertions of his Haus Kaus run to glow and deliver his running fantasy. Oh the sexiness of the competition between male runners. He dis-robed and then re-robed as a laburnum tree in bloom. He admitted that he was a mixture of
” speeding machismo, and admiring legs”


I then came out to admit my fetish for sofas and clasped a shiny cushion and described my current  favourite one, it’s beautiful dark wood edges and it’s perfect height, just right to catch that space between thighs and hipbone. How I often

“let the soft skin of my forearm sneak a touch of it’s upper edge”.

We also heard a couple of anonymous readings from people who were in the bookstore – but did not want to read. We like shy people, sooooo cute.

So Oroon had the pleasure of reading them. We loved hearing about the threatening intimacy of two women shaving each other and then were immediately plunged headlong  into the cool relief of two wet women with

“Handfuls of wet stretchy fabric and then finally cool skin, firm waist, a shoulder blade, the beautiful smooth roundness of her ass, a billowing curtain brushes both bodies with rain smelling wind”.

Arushi then treated us to  her favourite fantasy of public sex and one man’s unusual take on unsafe sex – that its not to be encouraged because it makes you travel through wormholes in time and space. Not worth the risk of where you will end up, we reckon.

Which led us neatly to the sex toy demos; the wonderful remote controlled vibrating egg or  the beautifully snug lubed male sheath that can be carefully teased down a dick with your lips. Even be filled with a dab of lube to give a warm wonderfully squishy feeling all over the head of his erection – and last but not least the FC2 that gives you a special tickle and if you like it a rough bump and grind during sex. The ring pushed deep into your pussy gives a feeling like someone is lightly teasing the back of your eyeballs. . .

Phew. It was a steamy night. As I walked down the quiet lane of Haus Kaus village, dazed people spilling out into the dry hot night. One woman said to me

“I have never been to anything like this, to hear people’s fantasies and write my own, but now I can’t stop thinking about that one, that one where my best friend will watch me having sex and direct the action.”

So go forth and have fun, but please pleasure each other safely.

Next up – what did people write in that fantasy box ?

What sweet inspiration did occur to you all after hearing all these fantasies ?

For that you will need to wait a while . . .


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Recently, I found myself in Riga attending a EuroNGOs meeting, discussing “Investing in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Times of Economic Crisis.” As the title makes it sound, it was by and large a pretty serious meeting, with a focus on making economic arguments for the kind of work we do.

But, knowing the people working in this field, we can’t be all work and no play. So they arranged a dinner for the conference participants – an opportunity for us to experience Latvian hospitality. All was proceeding as expected for most of the meal – we ate too much food, sampled delicious Latvian beer, enjoyed pleasant conversations. But then, out comes a group of Latvian dancers and musicians. While we unfortunately do not have video of Wendy’s folk dancing performance, another interesting feature of Latvian society was documented:

Latvian_phallusThis lovely creation (that’s two onions and a carrot…) was apparently used in the bawdy fertility songs in Latvia’s more pagan times. It was supposed to come with a string, enabling the user to “strap it on” (see me demonstrating, after the jump).

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If you’re like me, you may have been practicing safer, sexier sex by having some fun with toys (err, the adult kind, that is). But at the same time, you start to wonder how the drawer of used toys, not to mention the ones yet to come, might be taking a toll on the environment.

Green Toy Recycling!Not to worry, DreamScapes’ Sex Toy Recycling Program is here! If you mail them your old toys (washed with soap, mind you), they will not only take them apart and recycle all the old parts, they will even send you a $10 gift card! It’s not clear if the gift card will work for those of us outside of the US, but surely they’ll still recycle our stuff.
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