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PAF085000011In the latest of the never-ending series of news articles about what women want, why they have sex, and what they want to get out of it, Newsweek brings us this jewel describing the findings of a new book Why Women Have Sex. Let’s just say that I hope the book is more insightful than the article.

The article describes how women have sex, believe it or not, for many different reasons. Unlike the stereotype that women have sex for love while men have sex for pleasure, the study authors found that women’s reasons for having sex were “complex”. But, not to worry, sexual pleasure still ranks at the top:

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GuttmacherIn the latest issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, a quarterly journal pubished by the Guttmacher Institute, there are two articles that focus on the role of pleasure and arousal in safer sex behaviors.

One, “Women’s Experiences with Anal Sex: Motivations and Implications for STD Prevention,” found that women in the study often engaged in anal sex out of a desire to pleasure their partners or increase intimacy in their relationships. When women perceived condoms as decreasing pleasure, they were much less likely to use them for anal sex. The authors conclude that more work should be done to find ways of promoting safe and pleasurable sex.

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GACCIn the world of promoting safer sex, it’s true that university students get a lot of attention. But usually this attention is focused on their risky behavior, crazy parties, and multiple partners. This year, the Great American Condom Campaign decided to take safer sex to the grassroots level.

Instead of simply recruiting peer educators, this campaign actually sends supplies – 500 condoms – to students who volunteer to be “SafeSites”; places where other students can go for condoms and information. They also have a website that is also encouraging students to take action, for instance against retailers who will only sell condoms from behind the counter.

What caught my eye this time though was the story of a Texas State University senior who distributed the condoms she received through a “Safer Sex is Sexy” campaign. Though there aren’t many details on the website yet, she promises to post more photos and information. There is a video of her describing the success of her campaign:

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On a recent trip to the Condomerie, I couldn’t help but think that the world of pleasurable condoms had exploded while I was under the sheets somewhere, always buying the same trusty variety. While I recently posted about condom design innovations, that article was just the tip of the iceberg.


Coripa CondomsWhile I once had mourned the fact that TheyFit stopped (indefinitely?) producing custom-sized condoms, I was delighted to find that someone has stepped in to fulfill the need for condoms that come in many sizes so you can find the one that feels the best. The new brand is called Coripa, and they boast 55 different condom sizes  to fit anyone’s needs. Similar to the TheyFit, you first print off a pattern, take your measurements, and order accordingly. Brilliant. While Coripa is based in Germany and their listing of retailers looks rather limited, the folks at the Condomerie will ship condoms to you anywhere in the world.

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If you’re like me, you may have been practicing safer, sexier sex by having some fun with toys (err, the adult kind, that is). But at the same time, you start to wonder how the drawer of used toys, not to mention the ones yet to come, might be taking a toll on the environment.

Green Toy Recycling!Not to worry, DreamScapes’ Sex Toy Recycling Program is here! If you mail them your old toys (washed with soap, mind you), they will not only take them apart and recycle all the old parts, they will even send you a $10 gift card! It’s not clear if the gift card will work for those of us outside of the US, but surely they’ll still recycle our stuff.
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