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So another middle aged straight male is blogging as a lesbian. We are surrounded by lesbian blogger fraud. First the The Gay Girl in Damascus turns out to be the straight bearded boy in Edinburgh. Then a leading lesbian blogger at   Lez Get Real “A gay Girls View on the World” turns out to be a retired construction worker in Ohio.

So it’s a new angle on men fantasising about being with lesbians – now there is a rush to pretend to be one. So we at The Pleasure Project were musing on why. And came up with a few reasons.

1. You get to have sex with women.

2.  You get to live in a huge flat with ironed duvets, have great sex and swim in your pool just by drinking lots of coffee all day.


3. It is much easier to HAVE SAFE SEX all the time. Just by virtual of being a gal who loves gals. You can’t get unintentionally pregnant. There is a small number of documented cases of woman to women HIV transmission and much smaller risks than for straight women or gay men. Although women loving women still need to watch that mixing of sexual fluids on uncleaned sex toys or through oral sex. But all that stuff that dykes love – touching each other, wanking each other, eating chocolate spread off nipples, borrowing each others clothes and getting a cat – is good clean fun

So maybe those guys are just plain jealous of all that and the double nipples involved in it ?

So we have thought of a new campaign building on the ABC sex education campaign promoted from the US,mainly by religious groups and mainly in Africa to stem the HIV epidemic. We feel inspired by lesbian jealousy to add the D to the ABC.


Be Faithful


Dyke Sex



Think its gonna fly ?


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May is national masturbation month – a celebration of the joys of self lovin’.

We hope you have been taking this seriously.

Because wanking is not second best or even a last resort.It’s the real deal. And after all, if you don’t know what you like,  how are you going to be able to tell your partners what you like ?

If you have been a good activist wanker – please pat yourself again in celebration.

If you have not been wanking this month.  Shame on you.  But there is still time to spank the monkey before the month ends and feel like a good safe sex activist…..on your own masturbate – a – thon today.

And we wanted to list a few benefits of playing with yourself to start you off.

– orgasms make you live longer, a study found that there was a 50% reduction in death rates in man who orgasmed frequently

– wanking reduces your risk of prostrate cancer ( this only applies for boys ;-)

– wanking reduces infections of the cervix (this only applies for girls ;-)

– wanking increases fertility

– wanking can improve self esteem and reduce depression

– The five knuckle shuffle is not a new thing but an integral part of the human condition. There are depictions of  women enjoying some self love from as far back at 4th C BC in cave drawings.

And  studies show that 95% of men and 71% of women have masturbated during their lives..

So please take your pleasure  into your own hands as national masturbation months draws to a close – and enjoy some good completely safe sex today.


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Two weeks ago we put out a call for fantasies for the “Share Your Pleasure”

most common fantasies ?

event in Delhi – and on the night we had a fantasy box into which we collected all your lovely fantasies. This was all to make us wealthy, healthy and wiser in our fantasy banks. We are adding them to the huge amount we collected in Vienna at AIDS 2010.  It’s all

dilli desi-aunties ?

So its time … reveal……..what do those dirti delhiites  fantasise about during the long hot summers…..         ice cream? cold showers ?                                   a functioning AC unit ?

So we asked the gathered listeners to tell us how their fantasies smell, feel, look and taste like…

Someone was very specific. Their fantasy tastes of vanilla or cucumbers on water, feels like midnight showers  and looks like a man in a top hat. Such poetry –  we do hope they get all of that all at the same time soon.

Food predominated, as did water and a bit of light bondage and domination. (Oh ho Dilli Dilli).

And so of food; you wanted yoghurt covered blueberries, you wanted chewing gun stuck to nipples , you wanted to force feed your blind- folded lover green chillies and finally when all was said and done you wanted to “make alphabets in jam on bellies and clitorises” .  (Was that the plural  …..Phew)

But if that is making you a little too hot in this unbearable summer heat – you will be glad to know that water was a key preoccupation of our Delhi frantic fantasizers.  We had lovers in with “the aroma of last night’s rain on a sandy terrace” or seeing him “dancing naked in the sprinklers in the lawns around the monument at 8am” and we had some lucky slave being dominated by her mistress in the jacuzzi.

And then some more unsuspected fantasies – two people like moustaches on a woman  “its good to find a little to rub face to face, lip to lip” Oh hello. We hear you.

We also had a very sexy ode to a sexy Jacaranda tree and the man sheltering below it.

You BLUE tree, wet dark and mossy carpety ! So so moist, cool, you thick trunk ! and millions of your blue blue flowers, falling, anointing my nakedness”.  “Jacaranda you lucky bitch …look at the latino, caramel boy, sprawled, spread out to dry his beauty on your kind slope.”

We had a couple of very sexy nerdy fantasies. And before you say ANYTHING I always use the word nerd as interchangeable with sex god.

One was an OCD (very neat top of the class ) list of 4 exciting foreplay activities and then a sweet sad plea, to say  ” I cannot think of more, I’m single and dying to try“.  H, I do hope your time has come because that was a well organised list.

We also got a  loudly titled “A Gay Fantasy'”

with a mathematical feel.

Licking armpits+licking chest hair+Rimming my guy’s ass =You know me!……… (well I do hope so ;-)

We had people wanting sex on railroad tracks, in dark cinemas and three people in a place we all knew.

Yodakin bookstore itself. Oh hello. A whole new meaning to sexuality resource centre. So we shall leave you with one of those very fantasies.

“I’m in a quiet corner in this bookstore in Haus Kaus village. I am slightly tipsy and aroused by the erotic images showing on a projector screen. I glance at a man in the corner. He smiles at me. I smile back. I start to touch myself. I can tell he is aroused. He starts to touch himself. We stare at each other, engrossed in our mutual masturbation. Suddenly we notice the room is silent. We have an audience. I decide to stop. I got shy”

I guess it really was alright on the night.

And THANK YOU DELHI. The fantasy bank is overflowing.

The Pleasure Project is looking forward to hearing what other cities might have to say on the subject of their fantasies. Will Bangalore be all about sex against their hard drives  ? or Bhopal enjoying the lake at midnight ?

Who knows ? But keep those fantasies coming……..we are all ears.

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That was the Pleasure Project’s opening line at Vienna 2010 -(the biggest global AIDS conference ever happening this week – with 25,000 people gathering from all over the world)   It was all part of our campaign to get public health people to put a bit more pleasure in their life and a bounce in their step. It seems to be working. We put up new posters all over the venue every day . . . . with suggestions about what ELSE participants might be doing besides working hard. It seems to be getting us a good reaction…….See the fantasies posted on this blog…

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If you don't love yourself how can you let other people love you ?We at The Pleasure Project would like to congratulate Extremadura region in Spain for a truly brilliant, rational and imminently sensible education programme to improve self pleasuring in the region. Masturbation is safe, makes you feel good – and lets you know what you like – also everyone does it or at last thinks about doing it. And yet it is conspicuously absent in any kind of sex education for young people. By not talking about wanking – we stop young people knowing about a great safer sex method. After all if you don’t love yourself how can you let other people love you ?

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