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So all our dear pleasure loving safety conscious sexy people,

We know that you have got the hang of talking dirty when you want safer sex. We know you say things like this.

” Sweetie let me slowly carefully consciously unroll this tight fitting sex toy all the way down your cock so that I can feel the bumps on it grind me as we fuck. “

and you follow it up with    “Because I wanna have a long relaxed sexy breakfast with you tomorrow rather than rushing out to get the morning after pill or got for an STI test”

But maybe some of you are still worried. You are having

You know how to Put the pleasure into prevention.

But what about ethical ?  What about those sexy ribbed sex toys…..can you relax knowing that no harm was done whilst they were being made ?

Worry no more.

Well we just heard that now you can buy fair trade condoms called fair squared condoms. Rubber sourced in Kerala (which  is possibly the sexiest state in India in itself…)…and then processed in a carbon neutral factory with some of the profits going to charity.

How about that. Now we can all really relax into it.

Knowing we are pleasured, protected and saving the planet as we fuck.


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So as we pleasure propagandists know – the main problem with getting men to put it on – is that they say it stops their pleasure.

These are of course, the men who don’t realise yet that they have been missing years of sexy safer sex. The kind of sex where their lover says

“Lie still I’m going to fuck you slowly and slowly so slowly” and  slow like continental drift, they unroll a condom carefully down and around their erect dick  with their wet mouth.

Or they drop some lube in the end to give that warm squishy feeling inside the condom just where it matters.

Or they consult The Pleasure Project’s sexy tips page and get really creative.

Anyhow we digress.

A new condom  has been invented that will enhance its sexiness by putting a gel inside it to make erections last longer.  It works by increasing blood flow to the penis and making it hard for longer.


It all sounds good on the front and similar  to the condoms with a dab of climax controlling or anesthetic gel in them – that make you “so numb you don’t come”.

Showing that a little bit of numbness can be good when it comes to some of that stuff us human beans get up to in the bedroom.



This new one has been touted as the and should be on the shelves first in the UK.  So it makes erections last longer, so making men (and their partners) keener to use them and also stops condoms sliding off during their softer moments.

The last stage of approval apparently is to ensure that the gel only rubs off on the men not their partners . Hum. Why so ?


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Thanks to all who came to Yodakin Bookstore last night and bravely wrote, read and shared their fantasies at our “Share Your Pleasure” event. We are now all the richer in our collective fantasy bank.

Let it long continue this participatory literotica festival  . . .

We had a wonderful array of fantasies –  both ones we had prepared earlier and others spontaneously added to our “fantasy box”.  Whilst people read we watched a backdrop of polymorphously perverse  images including some that attendees had sent to The Pleasure Project in advance – you naughty exhibitionists you.

The evening began with a beautiful feast with Rosalyn who whetted everyone’s appetite with her soaking, marinating chicken. Taking us deep in the art of lustful food.

Then with perfect timing Sumit arrived fresh from the exertions of his Haus Kaus run to glow and deliver his running fantasy. Oh the sexiness of the competition between male runners. He dis-robed and then re-robed as a laburnum tree in bloom. He admitted that he was a mixture of
” speeding machismo, and admiring legs”


I then came out to admit my fetish for sofas and clasped a shiny cushion and described my current  favourite one, it’s beautiful dark wood edges and it’s perfect height, just right to catch that space between thighs and hipbone. How I often

“let the soft skin of my forearm sneak a touch of it’s upper edge”.

We also heard a couple of anonymous readings from people who were in the bookstore – but did not want to read. We like shy people, sooooo cute.

So Oroon had the pleasure of reading them. We loved hearing about the threatening intimacy of two women shaving each other and then were immediately plunged headlong  into the cool relief of two wet women with

“Handfuls of wet stretchy fabric and then finally cool skin, firm waist, a shoulder blade, the beautiful smooth roundness of her ass, a billowing curtain brushes both bodies with rain smelling wind”.

Arushi then treated us to  her favourite fantasy of public sex and one man’s unusual take on unsafe sex – that its not to be encouraged because it makes you travel through wormholes in time and space. Not worth the risk of where you will end up, we reckon.

Which led us neatly to the sex toy demos; the wonderful remote controlled vibrating egg or  the beautifully snug lubed male sheath that can be carefully teased down a dick with your lips. Even be filled with a dab of lube to give a warm wonderfully squishy feeling all over the head of his erection – and last but not least the FC2 that gives you a special tickle and if you like it a rough bump and grind during sex. The ring pushed deep into your pussy gives a feeling like someone is lightly teasing the back of your eyeballs. . .

Phew. It was a steamy night. As I walked down the quiet lane of Haus Kaus village, dazed people spilling out into the dry hot night. One woman said to me

“I have never been to anything like this, to hear people’s fantasies and write my own, but now I can’t stop thinking about that one, that one where my best friend will watch me having sex and direct the action.”

So go forth and have fun, but please pleasure each other safely.

Next up – what did people write in that fantasy box ?

What sweet inspiration did occur to you all after hearing all these fantasies ?

For that you will need to wait a while . . .


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robinpadilla_menshealthAnnie Philpott and I have what can probably be termed as “every safe sex activist’s ultimate fantasy”. This fantasy is of a hot, delectable specimen of a man subtlety promoting condoms, insinuating the pleasure that they bring.

During a conversation we had on this topic, the man who came to mind was George Clooney, Hollywood’s alpha-male and quintessential bachelor who has the distinction of being voted the sexiest man alive, more than once.

We imagined George looking his usual dapper self in a tux, pulling out what is distinctly a condom wrapper from his coat pocket. All the while, George would be looking into the camera with a knowing grin and a twinkle in his eye. There wouldn’t be a need for a lot of words – the power of the imagery would leave enough to the imagination.  In foreplay parlance, this kind of gaze could only signify “tantalizing anticipation”; a languorous scrumptious build-up to steamy action sure to ensue.
Wouldn’t this be just the thing that would make women tear their clothes off and jump into bed?

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Don't you just love a man who knows how to wear latex?

Don't you just love a man who knows how to wear latex?

When it comes to safe sex, I like to put my money where my mouth is.

Cabbages and Condoms in Bangkok is one restaurant that apparently likes to do the same.

I had read about Cabbages and Condoms and their innovative concept of a restaurant that promotes good food, safe sex and responsible family planning and just had to marvel at the balls behind the idea.

On my last trip to Bangkok, visiting the restaurant was one of the must-do’s on my list.

I was instantly entertained — tickled pink actually — by the rich imagery of this place that I can only describe as something like a condom Disneyland. Life-sized mannequins decked from head to toe in colorful condoms lined the entrance. There was a Condom Man in a superhero outfit made out of red and yellow condoms; a cool jock type with his equally cool gal pal dressed in pills and condoms. There was even a Santa Claus dressed in condoms with unfurled yellow rubbers for his beard which were also used for the evening gown of the lady standing beside him.

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condom_dressWe all know that you’re not allowed to reuse our old condoms, right? But what a waste of perfectly good latex, just going into the landfills… why throw them away when you can turn them into condom fashion?

OK, I hope you know that I’m kidding. I’m sure that these outfits were made from new condoms… because no one likes having potential biohazards on their evening gowns (I’ll refrain from making a Monica joke here…). I also realize that this fashion show took place over two years ago; but some of the dresses are so cool that I couldn’t resist posting it now. I wonder what they could create if they threw some female condoms in the mix!

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