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condom_dressWe all know that you’re not allowed to reuse our old condoms, right? But what a waste of perfectly good latex, just going into the landfills… why throw them away when you can turn them into condom fashion?

OK, I hope you know that I’m kidding. I’m sure that these outfits were made from new condoms… because no one likes having potential biohazards on their evening gowns (I’ll refrain from making a Monica joke here…). I also realize that this fashion show took place over two years ago; but some of the dresses are so cool that I couldn’t resist posting it now. I wonder what they could create if they threw some female condoms in the mix!

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I think we’ve all seen the condom ads circulating around YouTube these days… unfortunately, due to the obscenity laws in many places, these are very rarely sexy. That said, some of them are absolutely hilarious. 15 and Counting has collected their top picks for your viewing pleasure. I’ll repost one here that I do find sexy… um, no, not because of the mother, but because of the :)~>-8-(: . (Yeah, I had to look that one up…)

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Check out this funny new condom promotion ad from India:

Although I don’t speak Hindi, the message is still clear…

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