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they rub on my clit during sex

they are not just for women, but for guys with guys  too

they allow my dick to slip and move around feeling free

I can go in and out of them taking a pause between rounds but leaving it in

they stop me worrying about getting pregnant, so I sleep well

the inner ring scratches an itch deep inside me

I can walk around with it it in (reaching up  for stuff on that high shelf) to get myself really ready for sex

Or just do that all on its own whilst I’m cleaning the house for a special thrill

More Sexy tips for using the female condom

Happy Global Female Condom Day !






When using a female condom, you may have to look at one of these.IRIN Plus News recently carried an article that highlights some pros and cons of female condoms, or at least of how they’re viewed today. Let’s start with a pro – there was an article about female condoms! And not just a new technological breakthrough or design innovation, but an article about some actually using one. Woah. This article is an exclusive scoop on a “male perspective on a “first time” with the female condom”.

“I used it once with my girlfriend. I’d never considered using one before, but there were no conventional [male] condoms [in the house] and my girlfriend thought it would be cool – she will try anything because it’s new. Being the sucker for adventure that I am, I tried it; yes, I used a female condom.”

Pros: new, available, adventurous, novel! Take note, I’m willing to bet that he’s not the only guy (or girl) in the world who likes trying something new.

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On a recent trip to the Condomerie, I couldn’t help but think that the world of pleasurable condoms had exploded while I was under the sheets somewhere, always buying the same trusty variety. While I recently posted about condom design innovations, that article was just the tip of the iceberg.


Coripa CondomsWhile I once had mourned the fact that TheyFit stopped (indefinitely?) producing custom-sized condoms, I was delighted to find that someone has stepped in to fulfill the need for condoms that come in many sizes so you can find the one that feels the best. The new brand is called Coripa, and they boast 55 different condom sizes  to fit anyone’s needs. Similar to the TheyFit, you first print off a pattern, take your measurements, and order accordingly. Brilliant. While Coripa is based in Germany and their listing of retailers looks rather limited, the folks at the Condomerie will ship condoms to you anywhere in the world.

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VA WOW CondomMaybe you’ve heard about the legendary “C-V Distance”? No, this has nothing to do with your resume, your level of physical fitness, or probability and statistics. This time it’s the distance between a woman’s clitoris and her vagina.

Back in February, Kim Wallen, a professor at Emory University, reanalyzed measurement data of women and discovered a correlation between distance and ability to orgasm during penile-vaginal intercourse.

[T]here’s even an easy “rule of thumb,” Wallen says: Clitoris-vagina distances less than 2.5 cm — that’s roughly from the tip of your thumb to your first knuckle — tend to yield reliable orgasms during sex. More than a thumb’s length? Regular intercourse alone typically might not do the trick.

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photo by Sk slezska (wikicommons)

photo by Sk slezska (wikicommons)

The Human Condition, a blog by Kate Dailey, recently posted about five condom design innovations particularly suited to making sex more pleasurable. Some – like the wider head on the condoms – have been around in Europe for some time, but are just becoming popular in America. Others are examples of condom manufacturers picking up on tricks that we’ve been using to make sex more slippery-slidey and sensational for years!

It also includes some nice tips:

Not all women report a difference in sensation based on the ribbing, so personal preference applies. (However, almost everyone we spoke to recommended a vibrating ring to be worn over the condom, which the large majority of women will most assuredly feel.)

Do you know about other innovations in safer sex technology? Leave us a comment and we’ll check it out!

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On April 16, 2009, Wendy Knerr presented a Pleasure Project workshop to a Share-Net meeting in the Netherlands. Share-Net is the Dutch network of development organizations and individual consultants working in the field of sexual & reproductive health and rights, and HIV. Among those present were members of the Universal Access to the Female Condom Joint Programme (UAFC), who published an article in their newsletter about the meeting.

Wendy Knerr proudly shows us a pink little bag. “this is what is sold in one of our partner countries, it is so cool, and so sexy!” We all wait curiously when she opens the bag. “ Look!” , she says while removing a transparent object with a white ring. Enthusiastically she explains that this object enhances sexual pleasure: the white ring should be inserted in the vagina of the woman; she can do it herself, or even better: ask her partner to do it. The man enjoys the top, the woman the outer ring. “This is such a sexy tool to prevent the woman from pregnancy and STIs! It is called… a female condom.”

Thanks for the great write-up!

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