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So, just before the aids conference I joined the Youth Force for the
Youth PreConference. There I met this beautiful and smarty 18 years
old boy who really has the ability to really press my bottons and piss
me off.
But during the plenary I couldn’t stop thinking about how would it be
to kiss him and seduce him. So at the end I was all sweatie from my
fantasy while in the stage there was a very serious lady talking about
strategies for finding the HIV cure.

Ha ha, I love this initiative!!!

Oriana, mexico 26 years old

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Tell us a juicy story… you know, that one that you were thinking of during the plenary, when your mind wandered from multiple concurrent relationships in a faraway land to multiple concurrent relationships in the room next door.

Just send a plain text email to Don’t worry, it won’t even show your email address to us. Or, if you prefer, post a comment here. Remember, we’ll share our favorite fantasies, but we’ll never tell who we’ve kissed.

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The Moulin Rouge suite

The Moulin Rouge suite features lavish velvet and gold decor.

What is your deepest, most secret sexual fantasy?

Is it to have super mutant powers like the X-Men?
Or is it be a quirky spy like Austin Powers who always had enough mojo for a shag?
May be you’re the type to whom power is an aphrodisiac?
Or the amorous kind who falls to their knees with the sublime seduction of an iconically romantic place?

Whatever your fantasy, there is a place where you can live out these fantasies — as well as some choice others — with total abandon and release. (pun intended)

This place is none other than Victoria Court, a chain of uber high-end motels.

A Note on Motels

Before going any further into describing this almost mythical place where desire and fantasy come together; a word about “motels” – a word, which in itself, already has backstreet connotations.

In my city of Manila, you will see strategically tucked away in various parts of the city motel signs. When I first moved here, I began to notice the distinct difference between these motels to the ones in the States where the truckers would stay for a night to grab some sleep eye. The signs shouting out, “Special 2 hour quickie rate” should be an indication that these places are not exactly for catching some zzz’s.

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