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Delhi is gearing up to a fantastic concert tomorrow and we are just a little bit over excited here at The Pleasure Project.

Rock for Rights will follow the city’s growing queer pride march – letting us all continue the party. It’s only two years since same sex relationships were de-criminalised in India, but since then the flourishing of queer arts and culture is obvious. Rock for Rights celebrates this with some amazing artists the Bollywood singer Rekha Bharwaj, the multi-talented Ma Faiza, The East India Company, Alisha Batth and Indian rock group Papon.

As all us pleasure seekers know learning about good safe sex is challenging the world over when sex education tends to tell you what you should NOT do and how many diseases you will get when you do IT. But trying to get good information about how to have sex you want and be safe at the same time is near impossible when the type of sex you like is illegal. Decriminalizing same sex relationships allows us to talk about sexual health in an open way.

I had a lovely chat with the marvelous Ma Faiza who will be playing her brilliant brand of sexy, uplifting electronic music tomorrow at Rock for Rights about just this. I asked her what events like Rock for Rights could do to help deliver good safe sex messages.

“Entertainment is a great platform for a social message -it reaches a more diverse audience and makes the message and the process fun”

We could agree more – after all we are all over the fun sexy safe sex message here at Pleasure Project. Traditional sex education tends to bore people and then moralise to them. But Ma says

“Access to sex education is limited in India – and especially women’s right to pleasure. Many women here don’t feel that they have the right to enjoyment – that their life and their sex life should be a journey of sufferance. That has to change.”

So roll on Ma Faiza’s set tomorrow – we love her positive attitude and think we have found a true pleasure propagandist to add to the growing ranks..

See details on how to get to Rocks for Rights and get tickets here

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Two weeks ago we put out a call for fantasies for the “Share Your Pleasure”

most common fantasies ?

event in Delhi – and on the night we had a fantasy box into which we collected all your lovely fantasies. This was all to make us wealthy, healthy and wiser in our fantasy banks. We are adding them to the huge amount we collected in Vienna at AIDS 2010.  It’s all

dilli desi-aunties ?

So its time … reveal……..what do those dirti delhiites  fantasise about during the long hot summers…..         ice cream? cold showers ?                                   a functioning AC unit ?

So we asked the gathered listeners to tell us how their fantasies smell, feel, look and taste like…

Someone was very specific. Their fantasy tastes of vanilla or cucumbers on water, feels like midnight showers  and looks like a man in a top hat. Such poetry –  we do hope they get all of that all at the same time soon.

Food predominated, as did water and a bit of light bondage and domination. (Oh ho Dilli Dilli).

And so of food; you wanted yoghurt covered blueberries, you wanted chewing gun stuck to nipples , you wanted to force feed your blind- folded lover green chillies and finally when all was said and done you wanted to “make alphabets in jam on bellies and clitorises” .  (Was that the plural  …..Phew)

But if that is making you a little too hot in this unbearable summer heat – you will be glad to know that water was a key preoccupation of our Delhi frantic fantasizers.  We had lovers in with “the aroma of last night’s rain on a sandy terrace” or seeing him “dancing naked in the sprinklers in the lawns around the monument at 8am” and we had some lucky slave being dominated by her mistress in the jacuzzi.

And then some more unsuspected fantasies – two people like moustaches on a woman  “its good to find a little to rub face to face, lip to lip” Oh hello. We hear you.

We also had a very sexy ode to a sexy Jacaranda tree and the man sheltering below it.

You BLUE tree, wet dark and mossy carpety ! So so moist, cool, you thick trunk ! and millions of your blue blue flowers, falling, anointing my nakedness”.  “Jacaranda you lucky bitch …look at the latino, caramel boy, sprawled, spread out to dry his beauty on your kind slope.”

We had a couple of very sexy nerdy fantasies. And before you say ANYTHING I always use the word nerd as interchangeable with sex god.

One was an OCD (very neat top of the class ) list of 4 exciting foreplay activities and then a sweet sad plea, to say  ” I cannot think of more, I’m single and dying to try“.  H, I do hope your time has come because that was a well organised list.

We also got a  loudly titled “A Gay Fantasy'”

with a mathematical feel.

Licking armpits+licking chest hair+Rimming my guy’s ass =You know me!……… (well I do hope so ;-)

We had people wanting sex on railroad tracks, in dark cinemas and three people in a place we all knew.

Yodakin bookstore itself. Oh hello. A whole new meaning to sexuality resource centre. So we shall leave you with one of those very fantasies.

“I’m in a quiet corner in this bookstore in Haus Kaus village. I am slightly tipsy and aroused by the erotic images showing on a projector screen. I glance at a man in the corner. He smiles at me. I smile back. I start to touch myself. I can tell he is aroused. He starts to touch himself. We stare at each other, engrossed in our mutual masturbation. Suddenly we notice the room is silent. We have an audience. I decide to stop. I got shy”

I guess it really was alright on the night.

And THANK YOU DELHI. The fantasy bank is overflowing.

The Pleasure Project is looking forward to hearing what other cities might have to say on the subject of their fantasies. Will Bangalore be all about sex against their hard drives  ? or Bhopal enjoying the lake at midnight ?

Who knows ? But keep those fantasies coming……..we are all ears.

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